Radiant Boldness: Coaching and Consulting

Accelerate Towards Your Goals

Working with a life coach gives you the insight, accountability, and transformation you need to go after the life or career you want.

Coach with Caitlin

Be Bold.

It’s time. You have dreams, but they haven’t happened yet. Weekly coaching provides you with the clarity you are looking for to accelerate towards your goals.

Dream Big
What do you want life to look like for you in 3 months? In a year? In five years? In coaching we’ll explore what you want to achieve.

Play for a Win
Pursuing your goals should be fun! During coaching each week, you’ll set goals, but also come to see challenges as invigorating, a way to live your one irreplaceable life.

Live Big
Coaching is for people who want to cultivate skills, passions, and new ventures. It’s an investment of time, emotions and energy, that brings about incredible fruit.

What You’ll Gain Through Coaching

Whether it’s athletics, finances, health, or other goals, coaching is proven to produce RESULTS. If any of these topics are related to your big goals, let’s set up a free 15-minute introductory session.

  • Balancing family and work
  • Starting a business or side gig
  • Pursuing a passion or talent
  • Transitioning into a new season of life or career

“Guidance and Weekly Support”

 “Working with Caitlin has been an absolute pleasure! I have come such long way just within a couple weeks of working with her!  I know that I wouldn’t be this far along with reaching my goals without her guidance and weekly support. “


“Motivated me to make it happen”

Caitlin helped me get started on my passion project Omnivorous Curiosity – Curiosidad Omnívora that I had been mulling over for years and in 6 weeks she motivated me to make it happen and not only launch but really get it off the ground.