Anchoring Habits During Uncertainty

It is challenging to thrive when we don’t know what to expect.

And recently, the news has been downright confusing. “The economy will probably open up in 2 weeks.” “Everything needs to stay closed until we get a vaccine.” “We need to be prepared for waves of the virus and corresponding shut downs.”

I’m a type-A planner and not knowing what’s on the horizon in the next few weeks, let alone the next few months or year, definitely puts a crimp in my style.

If you’re experiencing similar mental dizzyness and even vacillating between feeling ready to tackle the day, being completely overwhelmed, or having unexpected bouts of sadness – I hear you.

Here are a couple of strategies I’ve found useful, both for myself, and for my clients:

  • Prioritizing exercise: While I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds, I mostly recommend exercise now because it’s centering. It revs up the metabolism, helps us take a break from the news, provides some much needed endorphins and can help with anxiety, stress, etc.
  • Setting a schedule: Most of our days look different than they did two months ago and we may or may not have found our “new normal”. Leaning into what life looks like now can provide the structure we need to thrive under unusual circumstance. When will you work? exercise? Have the kids watch TV so you have time for yourself? While we may not be able to predict each day completely, time blocking can make things much more manageable.
  • Say yes to what is life-giving (and no to what is not): Love the idea of connecting with old friends while everyone is at home? Make it a part of each week. Sick of screens? Turn down the online book club/Bible study/reunion if it’s going to make you feel more tapped out.
  • Come up with one thing that’s going to make each day/week great and go for it: The examples here are endless, but the point is simple. Each of us have varying levels of challenges and limitations during this time, but also different opportunities. I’m not suggesting that you try every recipe you’ve ever pinned on Pinterest (but if you want to go ahead), but what I am saying is that today can be a good day. Maybe you use these quieter weeks to move ahead on that writing project that’s been on the back burner, or to test out a new business idea, or start dabbling in a new creative venture. Perhaps you decide that you want to get the whole family in on planning a picnic dinner (pictured above: an Easter “date” for my husband and me). What will bring joy to this time for you?
  • Reflect, journal, or pray: You don’t need to tell me how much there is going on for each of us. If you can snag even 5 minutes to reflect, to let things out, and to plan the day, it’ll be worth it.

How are you doing today? What’s working and what isn’t? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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