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What is coaching all about and is it a fit for me? Here are just a few of the questions people ask me most.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Both coaching and therapy are concerned with human flourishing! Coaching is not a clinical field, however, nor something to pursue when seeking healing from wounds, trauma, mental health disorders, etc. Rather, coaching is for people who want to take action – whether in their personal life, work, or relationships. It’s about going after the life you want with some guidance along the way.

Why can’t I just pursue my goals on my own?

Yes, of course you can! Through coaching, however, you get accountability (So many clients say that coaching is what pushed them past thinking about their goals to doing them). Even more importantly, a coach is on your team – an objective observer with insights, tools, and encouragement to help you move towards your next big thing.

Is coaching a fit for my specific goal?

Probably. Coaching seeks to elicit the human greatness that you definitely have going for you whether you always recognize it or not. Regardless of whether your goal is making a schedule and sticking to it; moving into a leadership position at work; or starting your own business, coaching gives you the weekly framework to move forward. This question is why I always offer preliminary free consults – it’s important that you and I are convinced coaching is a good fit before getting going.

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