Supporting My Overall Wellness

Autoimmune diseases are tricky. Like any health issue, they have their own unique set of issues and challenges. I find that symptoms of my Hashimoto’s are pretty much invisible to anyone but me, unless they know me well. Flares (when symptoms are acting up more than normal) can be hard to identify and even moreContinue reading “Supporting My Overall Wellness”

Scanning Your Spiritual Environment

It’s easy to think that personal development and spirituality are two different things. Each thing in its place, right? The truth is, they are inextricably connected. Your beliefs inform your growth and your actions and often your actions inform your beliefs. Recently, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my environments – that is,Continue reading “Scanning Your Spiritual Environment”

Anchoring Habits During Uncertainty

It is challenging to thrive when we don’t know what to expect. And recently, the news has been downright confusing. “The economy will probably open up in 2 weeks.” “Everything needs to stay closed until we get a vaccine.” “We need to be prepared for waves of the virus and corresponding shut downs.” I’m aContinue reading “Anchoring Habits During Uncertainty”

Things I Get To Do During Quarantine

A lot of feelings come up when yet another conversation about Coronavirus occurs – fear, disbelief, sadness, frustration, and anxiety, to name a few. And, these feelings aren’t only about the illness (though that is more serious), but also about being potentially stuck in the house, alone or with family members, for weeks or months,Continue reading “Things I Get To Do During Quarantine”

I’m Not _______ Enough

Why Self-Limiting Beliefs Destroy Our Goals I am not a dancer. I’m not graceful enough. I’m not thin enough. I’m not strong enough. I don’t regularly articulate those ideas aloud, but if someone asked why all my sisters did dance classes and performances growing up but I didn’t, these would be the reasons. The thingContinue reading “I’m Not _______ Enough”