Right Now Is The Time To Grow

Change. Some of us resist it, some go with the flow, and others thrive because of it. Of course, not every change is equally good or bad, but every change mixes things up. And even in the most chaotic of times – and this pandemic certainly counts – there are people who emerge stronger, smarter, and more creative. 

As a life coach who works with people through all sorts of transitions, here are a few ways that you can enter into change and see new possibilities because of it:

  1. Be Aware: What emotions and thoughts are this pandemic bringing out in you? Is there anything about yourself, your career, your relationships, or your dreams that this time is making more clear for you?
  2. Be Open to New Opportunities: One thing’s for sure, when society gets shaken up like this, some doors close, but other ones open. Are there new ways you can serve others? Is there more time to pursue a project or endeavor you’ve had in the back of your mind for awhile? 
  3. Adopt a Learning Mindset: Whether it’s learning more about diseases than you’d ever thought you’d know, learning how to make recipes from whatever is left at the grocery stores these days, or learning how to be a homeschooling parent, there are plenty of challenges to be had.

It’s okay to be simultaneously worried about the pandemic and all of the troubles it brings and, at the same time, open to growing by obtaining new skill sets, considering new paths in life, and expressing yourself creatively.

What challenges and opportunities are being thrown your way? How are you choosing to respond?

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